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Friday, April 18, 2014


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Contact Information

Contact Information

Opening Hours:                                                                   
8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Thursday
8:30 am to 4:00 pm Fridays

Head Office
Address 1st Floor
6 Collins Green Ave
Kingston 5
Telephone 754-9816 -8,754-9821
908-2031, 908-2032
Placement Unit 754-9819
JamVat 754-9547
Fax 754-9820
Digilines 881-6691, 881-6692
Kingston Parish Office
Address UDC Building
12 Ocean Blvd,
Telefax 948-0405
Other Parish Offices
St. Thomas Portland
Room 13
Morant Bay Post Office
Queen Street
Telephone: 734-1021
Oliverpark Centre,
5 Smatt Rd, Port Antonio
Telefax: 715-3445
St. Mary St. Ann
Room # 3
Port Maria Civic Centre
Hodgson Street, Port Maria
Telefax: 994-2981
Shop# 4 C&J Complex
55 Main Street, St Ann’s Bay
Telefax: 972-0303
Trelawny St. James
Shop #3
6 Tharpe Street, Falmouth
Telephone: 617-5578
The Albion Center,
1 Albion Road
Telefax: 940-6952
Hanover Westmoreland
Lucea United Church
Lucea P.O.
Telephone: 956-9988
Shop # 11 Nepaul’s Plaza
109 Great George Street
Savanna-la-mar  P.O.
Telephone: 918-3719
St. Elizabeth Clarendon
Shop#17 Borah’s Restaurant
Santa Plaza
Santa Cruz
Telephone: 966-2607
8b Manchester Avenue
May Pen
Telefax: 902-1753
Manchester St. Catherine
Lot 15-16 Nashville Plaza
Telephone: 962-5646
Fax: 961-1050
1a Port Henderson Road
Spanish Town  P.O.
Telephone: 749-0625
Fax: 984-4011
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